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Welcome to the committee for the five northern korean provinces
We are very happy to say hello and introduce our Committee in brief. The Committee is consisted of five governors who came from the 5 Northern Korean Provinces as one of governmental authorities which belongs to Ministry of the Interior and Safety. The 5 Northern Korean provinces are Hwanghae-do, Pyeongannam-do, Pyeonganbuk-do, Hamkyeongnam-do and Hamkyeongbuk-do as of August 15, 1945. The Committee and each province governor provide various administrative services to the provincial people from the above 5 Northern Korean Provinces before and after Korean Civil War which broke out on June 25, 1950. The provincial people -our provincial citizens and North Korean defectors- include the 1st generation of the provincial people's descendants who was born in South Korean territory. Up to now population of these people are about 8.5 million.

Our major roles and responsibilities are as shown below;
1. Research and Study Activities related to reunifications etc.
 - Collecting and Analyzing data and informations related to the five Provinces such as Politics, Economics, Social Affaires, Culture, Education and other various fields.
 - Studying necessary policies to be executed upon reclaiming the five Provinces.
2. To provide administrative services and supports to the provincial peoples in Korea.
3. Succession and development of the five Northern Provinces's folk culture.
4. Support and management of the provincial people association.
5. Other services relating to the support and management of the provincial people and their associations.
6. Various services for the people who flee from the north Korean regime are provided.
    We will do our best to perform our roles and responsibilities and will be open to accept your valuable
    opinions in order to fulfill our role and goals.
    Our Committee and each Northern provincial offices are your hometown in your heart.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Sincerely yours Oh, Young Chan
Chairman of the Committee and Governor of Pyeonganbukdo Province