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The Central Tasks for Implementation

Organizing Events for Reconciliation of the Provincial People

Organizing the Homeland Visiting Event of the Overseas North Korean

Devising a Preliminary Plan including Invited Countries and Individuals and Criterion for Selection

Inspection of Various Places relating to Security, Industry, Sightseeing

Reinforcement of Administrative Capability for Affilliated Organizations

Improving the Ability of the Honorary Mayor· the Magistrate of a County to Dealing with Renovative Tasks of the National and Provincial Government

Promoting a Better Understanding of the Vision of National Policies, Important Tasks and Project of the Province

Encouraging Discussion on National Issues and Carrying out Provincial Governance through Monthly Meetings

Developing the Sense of Solidarity and Identity with the Five Provinces of North Korea

Increasing the Leadership of the Chief of Township and the Headman of Village, and Encouraging their Participation in the Provincial Administration

Publicizing the Decision of the Mayor the Magistrate Meeting and Consolidating the Magistrate-presiding Meetings

Systematizing the Infrastructure of the Provincial Society through Organic Contact with the Chief of Township and the Headman of a Village

Cultivating Performative Ability of the Officials in Cities and Provinces through a 'Quarterly Hard Study'

Stimulating Participation in National Tasks and Provincial Governance through a 'Quarterly Hard Study'

Systematizing the Process of Listening·Collecting·Transmitting the Difficulties and Movements of the Five Provincial People of North Korea

Effective Financial Support for Provincial People's Organizations

Executing Subsidy Programs

Subsidizing the Five Provincial People of North Korea Association's Activities, Athletic Meeting for the Provincial People, Day for the Provincial People, Designation and Management of Intangible/Tangible Cultural Assets etc.

Processes: Planning of Programs -> Receipt and Examination of the Five Provincial People of North Korea Association's Projects -> Deciding and Granting Subsidy Necessary

Securing Transparency and Responsibility in Executing Subsidy Programs

Thorough Investigation of the Proposed Projects, Education of the Accounting Clerks in the Finance Supporting Department

Reinforcement of After-Supervision including Usual Inspections

Nurturing the Succeeding Generation of the Displaced People

Supporting for the Revitalization of Youth Association

Concentrating Building a Base for the Participation of Youth Association in the Provincial Administration

Considering Preferentially the Revitalization of Youth Association

Enlarging the Opportunity for the Succeeding Generation to Get Administrative Experiences

Training Youth as a Leader of the Provincial Society by Entrusting with the Chief of Township and the Headman of a Village

Administrative·Financial Support toward Youth Association's Seminar

Supporting the Early Resettlement of North Korean Refugees

Intensifying the Aid for the Resettlement of North Korean Refugees

Instilling a Sense of Civic Pride and Belonging to Korean Society

Cultivating Ability of Self-support and Self-reliance through Substantial Resettlement Program

Running a Weekend Reunification School

Transforming from "Receiving Education" to "Participating Education"

Enhancing the Effect of Schooling through Education Differentiation according to Sex, Age and Localities

Promoting a Day for North Korean Refugees

Presenting a Festival for both North Korean Refugees and Displaced People

Forming a Family Relationship between the Provincial People of North Korea and North Korean Refugees

After a Formal Meeting by Each Province, Promoting the Program of Forming a Family Relationship

Intensifying Public Relations in order to Trigger Public Interest

Improving the Convenience of the Provincial People by the Expansion of Administrative Services

Making Full Using of the Government Office Building for a 'Meeting Place among the Provincial People

Using as Various Event Space for the Provincial People

Holding Informal Gathering for Discussions, Lectures Meeting on Reunification and Security, and Culture Courses

Fulfilling Administrative Needs Friendly and Promptly

Providing a Friendly and Detailed Information on the Process of Civil Application and Required Documents

Prompt Settlement of Civil Application through Home-page and E-mail

Heightening Administrative Capability and Transparency

Observing the Action Program of Public Employee and Operating Its Education and Training

Observing the Action Program of Public Employee and Operating Its Education and Training

Must not Giving and Receiving Profiteering, Severe Punishment in case of Giving and Receiving Money and Other Articles, and Wrong Reception

Ensuring Transparency in all the Operations and Projects

Fair Selection of Invitees with Rational Selective Criterion

Major Annual Projects and Events

Invitation of overseas provincial people to their homeland- Korea.

Every year in May, the Committee invites around 100 overseas provincial citizens to Korea to encourage them and to get them understood our nation's development and present situation.
- Governors visit overseas to discuss yearly invitation plan with overseas provincial citizens' association.
- Visiting and Tour places are Blue House hosted by the President, Defense and Military zone, Industrial Sites and famous Sightseeing Places.
- Visiting the Committee and Provincial People's Association at Gugidong Seoul, Korea

Support and promotion of each provincial athlete meeting

There are 7 provincial People Associations including non-recaptured Gyeonggido and Gangwondo.
Every year in May, each province have an athlete meeting to meet together and to be united.
The Committee support and promote the annual athlete meetings with manpower and subsidies.

Support and promotion of Sogcho Provincial People's Culture Festival

Every year on June, Sogcho Provincial People's Culture Festival is held in Sogcho City, Gangwondo Province managed by Sogcho City and sponsored by Ministry of Reunification and our Committee. The Committee supports and promotes the Festival with manpower and subsidies. Our Committee and 7 provincial peoples take part in the Event.

President's Flag Provincial People Athlete Meeting

Every year in October, the Committee supports and manages the President's Flag Athlete Meeting with manpower and subsidies. It is a customary practice that President or Prime Minister attends the Meeting to encourage provincial people and to confer order of merit to men of merits. This is the highlight annual project for the Committee.

Reunification Fine Arts Contest & Exhibition

The Committee prepares and manages "Reunification Fine Arts Contest" on October. Prize Arts Works are held on Exhibition for 10 days in an Art Exhibition Center downtown in Seoul. This Arts Contest & Exhibition is aimed at encouraging and promoting the spirits of peaceful reunification.

Support & promotion of each Province designated Intangible Culture Public Performance

The Committee supports and promote annual Intangible Culture Performances by 19 designated intangible cultural properties. Some of them participate in the Annual National Folk & Culture Contest.

Visitor's Center for provincial citizens' complaint handling and counselling

The Committee open and operate a Visitor's Center at the Lobby of our Office Building. We provide various counselling and consulting services to our provincial people and North Korean Defectors as below. The Committee chose and appointed about 20 specialists for the five areas to provide counselling & consulting services.

Date & Time

Every Work Day 10:00 -12:00 am, 14:00- 16:00 pm


Visitor's Center at the Lobby Floor of Ibukodo Office Buliding

(64 Bibong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea- Gugidong)

Tel : +82 2 2287 2620

website : www.ibuk5do.go.kr

How to Contact Us & How to be Served

On line & Off line services are available

1. Pls come to the above place during working day and direct contact the specialists.

2. When you come to the Visitor's Center, it is not available for face to face counselling & consulting services, then fill in the request form for counselling & consulting. The specialist will reply to your request by phone or email.

3. Pls contact us at our website and click the Q & A , then our specialist will reply to your request

Counselling and Consulting Services

1. Complaint Hanndling & Counselling

2. Job Introduction & Placement

3. Law & Tax Consulting

4. Health Check & Counselling

5. Finance & Investment Consulting